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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year - New Resolutions - And a giveaway to get you kick-started!

It is a new year and you have made your New Year's resolutions. To eat healthier? Live lighter? Be greener? All of the above and more? Citizenpip is here to help! A mom-powered business, Citizenpip was inspired by the belief that making small changes in your daily habits can make a significant impact. Citizenpip offers eco-friendly, practical, and safe reusable lunch kits that make it easy to pack a waste-free lunch.

Citizenpip generously sent me one of their Soup To Nuts Kits (pictured above) for review.

The Soup To Nuts Kit includes:
All of Citizenpip's "munchgear" is "muck-free" containing no lead, no BPA, no PVC, and no phthalates. What it does contain is great little air-tight containers perfectly sized for snacking at lunch. Now your child can have their favorite sandwich at school without it getting smooshed in a brown paper bag. Not to mention, there is no bag to throw away! Maybe you want to take some leftovers to work for lunch the next day? No problem, the silicone-seal leak-proof containers can handle an ooey-gooey entree too. Each BPA-free polypropylene container comes with four flaps on the lid, that snap onto the bottom, to securely seal the contents inside. I sent my 13-year old with it on a school trip and she arrived home incident free. Since she only packed a sandwich and some dry goods that day I thought a little more rigorous testing was needed. I filled each of the containers with various levels of water, packed them into the lunch bag and carried it around in my purse (Yes, I have a big purse) for the day while running errands. I am not as rough and tumbly as an 8-year old boy, but jumping in and out of the car, running to and fro car to store - it is darn cold out there(!) - throwing my purse in shopping carts, and sloshing around while schlepping groceries into the house, I think I put it through its paces. Happy to report that I and the contents of my purse remained dry, I decided to go Mythbuster style and see just what would happen if I were an 8-year old boy.


Dropped from three feet or more and still good! While I honestly believe that glass is better than plastic, I do realize that not everyone may be at that stage and reusable is definitely better than disposable. I love that this kit comes with it all - beverage container, utensils, and napkin are all included. Not just one napkin mind you, but a whole week's worth! Who has time to do laundry every night after returning home from work? No need to worry about that with this kit. There is even an insulated container for packing soup on those cold winter days - like today.

For the complete lineup of Citizenpip products check out their website:

To get your New Year's resolution off to a fun, convenient, eco-start Citizenpip is offering up their Square Meal Kit (pictured above) to one lucky reader in the continental US. Thanks Citizenpip! Leave one of your green resolutions in the comments below by January 13 to be entered to win. I will announce the winner the following day, January 14. Good luck!



Jenn Kamp said...

I just came across your blog and thought I would join in the fun. My new years resolution is to fill up my recycle bin before my garbage can. :)

Jen said...

Resolution: Well, we decided this a little before new years, but I'm making it official. I'm not eating fast food burgers this year. After watching Food Inc and reading a number of great books, I decided that the animals and ingredients in a fast food burger are not things that are ethical or healthy to eat. Plus, by forgoing this type of beef (as opposed to free range, grass fed, I am reducing my carbon footprint and not supporting big corporations who thing cheaper is better.

suburban prep said...

I have reuseable bags in the car for whatever store I go to. They are at the ready.
I bring magazines to the gym so that others can read them.

Robin said...

We went kamikaze green last year, so at first I was at a loss as to how much greener a family of five can really go... But then I remembered that my brother and his girlfriend are moving into my basement, so our heating becomes much more efficient. We'll also be able to carpool more.

shadow_elan said...

I've decided to start using reusable wipes for #1 this year. I'm too much of a wuss to use them for both so I thought I'd start "small" :)


Deb said...

Came across your site while playing around on blogger. What a fun site! My new year's resolution to go greener is to go paperless with everything I can, and reduce the amount of paper I use when I can't. I even subscribed to e-zines instead of the printed ones. We use the backs of the school papers the school loads on us to print coloring pages and emails. When they're done we're going to learn how to recycle them into home-made papers for greeting cards. :) Happy New Year!

thepiratefarmer said...

New Years Resolution #1-- learn to crochet sexy caps, scarves, gloves and socks for husband so he will stop sneaking behind me and turning the heat back up before he goes to bed!

A. Moore said...

Found my way over from The Green Phone Booth - I'm going to have to follow you here too!

We've joined a CSA, just a few weeks ago, and are committed to eating more locally this year. Two of our major goals are to plant a garden (which we've never done before), and to start composting (rather than sending all that reusable material to the dump)!

I'm excited about what this year has to offer!

Jelly Bean said...

Hi! I would love to win this for my kid. I think I'm the only mom who doesn't send a juice box or packaged snack school. My green resolution is to reduce instead of recycyle (which i will still do). But the less I buy the less I need to reuse or recycle. Better for my pocket and earth!

Becky Boo said...

My husband and I have several green resolutions.

1) Buy local and in season fruit.
2) Less plastic
3) Reduce, Reuse and recycle everything we can.

Julie said...

I'm trying to use less paper, such as tissues (I have constant allergies) and paper towels. I'm also trying to just do more with less.

Kitchen Stewardship said...

Green resolution: make sure I don't throw away too much in the frenzy of moving!

docsage said...

Resolution: Ditch all the plastic bags. And remember to get my reusable ones out of the car!

We have eliminated paper napkins and paper towels and are pretty green in the kitchen already, so the plastic bags are my next hurdle.

Thanks for your posts.

kmcelwee said...

My green resolution is to learn to make more of my own foods (like your Green Phone Booth post!), especially bread.

Lisa said...

I have one and half resolutions: no more paper towels (we are out and I haven't bought any more (yet) and bringing my own cup when I indulge in a latte.

Katrina said...

My Resolution is to keep working hard in school, (not that I haven't before!) at my university studying landscape architecture. And in the meanwhile...keep on learning how to cook well!

KatieB said...

My resolution is to have a vegetable garden, even if that is only a few tomato plants in containers. Something is better than nothing, and nothing is what i had last year.

LeahW said...

My resolution is to remember to take my own reusable container to restaurants for leftovers instead of using their disposable ones. I now keep a container in the car; I just have to remember to take it inside with me!

Jennifer said...

I try live my life in a pretty eco-friendly way, but I'm weak when it comes to buying groceries. I always opt for the smaller, more convenient containers of apple sauce or yogurt, rather than just getting one big container. I realize this is a pretty small resolution, but my plan is to buy bigger containers and more stuff in bulk. This will really cut back on the amount of waste and things that need to be recycled.

greeen sheeep said...

jelly bean - YOU WIN!

Jelly Bean said...

OMG! Awsome! What do I need to do? Thanks!