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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thrifty Green Thursday

Living on the Edge.

Back in August, Burbanmom threw out the idea of more eco-friendly hair removal. I have been thinking about it heavily since then. I am a long time consumer of disposable razors. Well, disposable razor heads anyway. I have been using the Venus Divine for several years now. The replacement blades cost anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 a piece! At that price I try to go as long as possible before changing blades. Shaving daily, I will go a month or more before switching, usually resulting in a nick or two and afflictive razor burn. One of Burbanmom's alternatives resonated with me. The safety razor. After reading many, many reader's comments, discussions with my husband, Q&A with my Father-in-law, thorough internet research and running out of Venus refills it was time.

I purchased the Weishi Double Edge Safety Razor Starter Kit from RetroRazor off Amazon. I selected this particular razor because it specifically stated it was for beginners. I have been shaving for years, so I am not really a beginner, but was extremely nervous about using the safety razor and wanted to play it safe. The kit cost $25.99 included the razor, three 5 pack blade samplers, a cleaning brush and info sheet packaged in a muslin bag.

Two of the sampler packs were packaged in plastic and the plastic cleaning brush is pretty much worthless to me. Also, Amazon felt the need to include plastic air bags in the box to prevent breakage I suppose. It's metal, it's not going to break. Ugh. Nevertheless, the overall impact of not throwing plastic razor heads in the trash every month will outweigh these indiscretions.

It looks like I can get 100 replacement blades for around 14 cents a piece. Assuming I will use them at the same rate as previous disposables, one a month, I will save $236-$336 and not have to buy blades again for eight years! Even if I start changing blades sooner to forgo the razor burn, at 14 cents a piece it is still a significant savings.

I have been using my safety razor for a week now without incident. Hubby had me so damn nervous I thought I was going to slice an artery and die! It is not that big a deal. If you do manage to cut yourself and bleed to death, at least you are in the shower and will not make a mess. Kidding! Truthfully, the knees were a bit tricky at first, but I think I have got that down now. I nicked the back of my ankle once, but would have had the same result with a disposable. I started out really slow because I was so nervous, but have gradually picked up speed. Once you get the angle figured out it is no different than what you are doing now. Oh! An added benefit is the head does not fly off when you drop it. I hate that! Just keep it away from the toes, because it is heavy! My shaving lube of choice has been and still is Dr. Bronner's liquid castille. I use it as a body wash, shampoo, and shave gel. My Co-op carries it in bulk. Works great!

Try living on the edge - Double Safety Edge!


Condo Blues said...

you are a much braver woman than I!

Anonymous said...

I switched to Safety Razors a while back, and I have to say that I'm really glad that I did. I even reviewed my experience on my blog:

Dr. Bronner's is alright, but I would check to see if your Co-op carries 'Kiss My Face' products; KMF's shaving cream is the best shave-lube I've ever used, and I've tried quite a few, at this point.

Gray Matters said...

You've definitely intrigued me - but I'm still a little fearful. Right now I'm too sleep deprived to try it or regular shaving for that matter. said...

Glad that you are enjoying the RetroRazor! We try hard to create a low impact shaving experience, and as a micro-business we have the potential to make an impact under the radar of Gillette

We have been trying to get Derby and Dorco (the blade companies) to reduce the plastic in the dispenser, but RetroRazor is just small beans in the world of double-edge shaving - 60+% of the world uses them!

In terms of recyclability of the blades, we used to recommend recycling them, but Tom Watson from the Seattle Times/King County solid waste suggested just tossing them in a safe container:

In any case, welcome to the Revolution!

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

I am sold! I am going to try it. I love great deals! Awesome. Although, I admit I was little on edge watching that video. Watching the blade holder open up was like watching a ufo opening up before abducting someone. Great post!

EJ said...

Why shave?
It seems a wasteful thing to do no matter how you do it.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of good shaving sites... Just have a look at the Straight Razor Place or Badger and Blade!